Springville, Utah





Giles Dairy Service was established in 1982 by Eric Giles.

Prior to 1982 Eric, the President/Owner of Giles Dairy Service, worked in the same industry with another company. He started this about 1972. With all this experience he has turned a one man operation into a full blown corporation. Currently there are 15 full-time workers and 5 part-time employees at Giles Dairy Service. Giles Dairy Service was located in Provo, UT for many years, but moved a couple miles south 16 years ago to a more convenient location, in Springville (shown above). Then expanded into Preston, Idaho a few years ago, and then recently moved out of Preston to Logan, Utah 

Giles Dairy Service does just about everything for dairies, including: designing parlors, installation of equipment, servicing the equipment and supplying dairymen with all the necessary supplies they need to run their dairies and to help their animals. 

With the great amount of experience that we have within Giles Dairy Service we have many different suppliers to get you what you need.  We thank you for visiting our Web Site and we hope you will return.